Sponsor Spotlight: Jess from Bookworms in Dresses

I'm gonna be really real with you: when I opened up this little blog for sponsors, I wasn't sure how it was gonna go. Would people even get them? Would they think that they didn't get enough click throughs, comments, what have you? Would they not even like me??? 
Then, enter Jess. This human was the first person to purchase any ad spot and I'm so so so glad she did. I loved working with her and have loved exploring her blog. Seeing as how she's all about reading, I decided to make all her questions book-themed. Take it away!
So, tell us about you and your blog!
I'm Jess and I've been someone who followed blogs, wanted to write my own, but never found the time or dedication to actually start one of my own until now! I named it after my best friend and I, who consider ourselves bookworms in dresses! In in art school currently and ensure I have enough down time to read (too) many books!

Favorite book to curl up with on a rainy day?
My rainy day book would have to be a mystery! On dark dreary days I think mysteries really set the tone and fit that mood quite well! So is probably go for a Nesbo book (The Harry Hole series)! 

The book you had your parents read over and over to you as a kid?
As a child my parents read to me a lot, but not just reading! My dad loved to make up stories to tell me, so my favorite book wasnt really a book at all, but all the batman adventures my dad would make up to tell me before bed!! Book wise though, I was a huge Bernstein Bears fan! 

The book you've read a hundred times and would read a hundred more?
A book I've read 100 times and would read 100 times more is something quite funny actually. It's called "On Bullshit" and it's a serious yet hilarious book, extremely short too, about the theory behind hogwash. I read it all the time, it's a great short read! 

Thanks so much Jess! 
Some of my favorite posts of hers were her beautiful photos from a roadtrip to Maine, her Friday Favorites series, and her post about all her collections

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