Want List: Back to School


Finally, I felt as though I had accrued enough self control over the summer to try online shopping again. Mixed success. Half of these may be in some invisible shopping cart while I count all the money in my bank account. Anyway, here's a back-to-school wishlist for everyone.
BILLABONG DRESS: PacSun is becoming another go-to in my mall stops and their dresses never disappoint. Always there if I want something funky.
YOUNG AND RECKLESS CREW: I'm sure you will find in my fashion posts as we head into cooler weather that I am OBSESSED with crewnecks. Over jeans, over dresses, sometimes by themselves...I find any excuse to wear them. Double extra points if they have the fuzzies on the inside.
AMERICAN EAGLE SKIRT: It's only now I'm noticing my obsession with teal in this set. I already have one long colorful skirt from them...make it two!
SPOTTED MOTH DRESS: They're having some crazy sale now and I'm addicted. I love tulle dresses and even better when it's something unique like this. Watching Say Yes to the Dress like it's my job isn't helping with the tulle obsession...
SHANA LOGIC NECKLACE: I swear, I have at least fifteen necklaces that are all like this - quirky, small, and with one pendant - yet I need to have more. I blame all retailers. But not me. You know. 
MODCLOTH ANTI-STATIC HEDGEHOGS: I don't really know what to call them but they're cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. And everything of mine gets eaten up in the dryer so I do what I can to protect it against harsh outsiders. 
JO TOTES CAMERA BAG: Guys guys guysssss (said in whiniest voice possible) ...I waaaaaaaaant this! I need a camera bag - right now, I usually throw mine in my purse (collective gasp from all "camera people") or just sling it around a shoulder. Not helpful if I need multiple lenses or, you know, want to actually keep my camera safe. All of Jo Totes bags are adorable but this one has size and cuteness factors. 

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