Where I'll Be This Weekend...

The first answer is just...you know! First few days of school! Getting on my feet! Dealing with "normal" things!
The real answer is...quidditch. 
Yes, you heard that right - I play the fictional sport from Harry Potter. We run on brooms. We throw balls through hoops. All that great stuff. This is actually a photo of my from freshman year, playing one of my first few games. I play beater for one of our school's house league (intramural) teams. 
Mmm look at that sweaty black hair...perfect. And smudged face paint that one read "Z". (Our team takes a lot of pride in its face paint.) I've played on the same team all three years and this year I was lucky enough to be voted one of our two captains. I'm honored...but also terrified. And this weekend we have our general meeting (informing new students), showcase (playing for new students), combine (their tryouts), and draft (exactly what it sounds like. We don't screw around.). This is all preceded by a Fall Out Boy concert (which will hit the blog soon, crosses fingers), and after the draft I dive right back into school. Whew.
It's a weird-awesome weekend back. Can't wait to tell you more about it. I'll leave you with this badass photo of me snatching a bludger at brooms up...

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