Blog Roundup: Corgis, Mustard Skirts, and Lots of Sweaters

Okay, I'm getting addicted to these blog much so that I've been saving up since my last post! There's a bunch of doubles from bloggers (what can I say...some people are just /extra/ awesome...) and I have no idea how to do this layout. So here goes!

WEARING A MUSTARD SKIRT // Jenni from JenniFHsieh has this super cute mustard skirt that she's worn so many times, she made a giant roundup post for it! (Creep alert: I found her blog through this darn mustard skirt and this post made my squeal...)

LAUREN MAYBERRY ROCKS // have you guys heard of Chvrches? They're this awesome electronia-like band (I smell a TUNESday...) and have an incredible lead singer who's speaking out about the internet backlash she's been getting because of her gender. Crush the patriarchy, am I right?

TRAVEL OUTFITS // Rachel of Postcards from Rachel is always on point with sponsor feature posts - no exception here! She asked a bunch of girls what their ideal travel outfit would be and they're /cute/. I wish I actually "tried" in Europe...

PREVIEW POSTS? YES! // Amanda from the Lady Okie is a smart lady. Instead of "end of month roundup" posts that a lot of bloggers do, she does a preview for the month! I love this idea, mostly because it might actually give me a kick in the pants to finish. my. posts. But whatever, I'm not bitter.

MAWWIAGE, IT'S WHAT BRINGS US TOGEZZER... // Princess Bride, get me? Kaelah did this super sweet post about being married for a whole year and what it means to her. Adorable photos and she writes the good know, just the good ones :] (Psst...also check out CUTE OFFICE SPACES.)

SWEATERS ON SWEATERS // Kristin knows me. I mean, not really, we've never met...but she manages to know my sweater addiction. I'm all about those crewnecks. And here's a whole collection of them!

FOUND FRIDAY FINGS // I just really like alliteration...anyway, Brooke has an awesome Friday Finds feature, (hah! again!) and this week was especially cute. I love it!

ROMING IN ROME // Tia from A Caffienated Brunette talks about traveling and spending a few days in Rome. I love love love posts like this because they're a fond call to my Adventures with Henry series. Hi, can someone just take me back to Europe? Cool, thanks.

CAPSULE SLEEPING IN JAPAN // Chelsea from Lost in Travels is always game for weird touristy things. She decided to stay over in a capsule hotel in Osaka and her post on it is just as funny as it sounds. Is it weird that it actually looks comfortable??

PIZZA PIZZA // Chloe from By the Lock makes tons of pizza, and she shared her favorite recipes! Caramelized onions on a pizza? Yes please. 

CUTE CORGI!!! // Okay, more than just a cute corgi. Melyessa talks about all the things you should consider before getting a dog, but featuring her adorable Monja. I just really want a dog, okay?! (Psst, Melyssa was on her game this week...also check out her RECENT BLOG DESIGNS and LIFE LESSONS LEARNED FROM HARRY POTTER.)

ROCKIN' OUT TO MILEY...KIND OF // Sabrina and I first became blogger friends because we both love our pop punk. She managed to find an awesome cover of 'Wrecking Ball' and I'm super into it! 

SCARF AS A TOP // Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky is probably one of the most innovative fashion bloggers out there. She thought to style a scarf as a backless top...and it looks /amazing/. Wish I had the guts to pull that off!

Whew, that was a long list...what were your favorite posts from this week?

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