Cappucinos or Clicks?: Why I Sponsor

So I was curled up with the boy a few nights ago, checking emails and reading blogs. I'm what my mother calls a "vocal reader" - this means that I constantly sigh, gasp, and moan based on whatever I happen to be looking at. 
I pulled up an email and grumbled.
Boy made a small sound of concern, not looking up from his editing.
"Ugh, I just - should I renew this sponsorship? She gave me a discount code but I don't know if it's worth it..." 
Boy rubbed eyes. 
"Yeah, like, I have a button on her blog and she's doing a feature on me at the end of the week." 
"How does that work? What do you give her?"
Boy looked taken aback.
"You like, pay her?"
"I mean, yes. But I get a feature post and a sidebar ad, and she mentions me on twitter a lot..." 
He huffed.
"Is that really /worth/ it?"
He made me think for a while, which I suppose is his job but still.
Why do I sponsor blogs? It's strange if you think about it. You're paying money at the chance - not the guarantee - that other readers might see your face and be interested in clicking on to your little interwebby zone. Yeah, weird, I know. 
Thus, I sat down and made a list of reasons why I sponsor, apart from just clicks. 

becoming friends with bloggers.
I don't know about you, but considering my in-person personality (don't look at me; that's proper phrasing) I'm a very shy online presence. I don't usually feel confident emailing bloggers or asking them questions, let alone just popping in to say "hey!" By sponsoring, you get a free "in" to speak to some larger bloggers. Once I buy an ad, often the blogger will send me a welcome email, and we can hit it off from there! 

keeps you motivated.
If you are paying real human dollars for a space on someone's website, it makes sense to continue blogging! If I know I have spend hard-earned money that month to get a chance to be there, I am going to blog to that caliber. 

where is your money going?
I'll be completely, 300% honest here: if I wasn't putting money toward sponsors, that money would probably be used for coffee. Or a new purse. Or more beer. I wish I could say I'd keep it tucked away in a savings account somewhere, but by spending money on blogs, I actually cut down on my frivolous spending. I think of it as "x less frappucinos" or "not buying another camera bag." 

What about you guys? What do you consider before sponsoring?

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