I Think I Look Nice Today: Bad to the Bandeau

Remember when I told you guys I shopped in the men's department
It's happened again. 
A terror that's sweeping the nation...boy's flannel
But in all honesty, this outfit is super cute, super easy, and suuuuuuuuper comfortable. One of my roommates did a similar look, but with an undershirt instead of a bandeau and swapped out my jeggings for leggings. Still looked feminine while also playing that plaid game.
...Make sure I never say that again...
Also, you guys have a total right to yell at me...this is my first ITILNT where I didn't finish with a jumping shot! Shame on me! Instead, I'll leave you with cute accessories...
necklace // modcloth
shirt // american eagle (boy's section) (similar)
bandeau // aerie (similar)
jeans // american eagle
shoes // vans

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