Post Grad Considerations: Or, What Keeps Me Up at Night

(throwback to May 2013, right after I moved into my new apartment...)
Kiddos, I'm getting old. 
Like, this is my THIRD YEAR OF COLLEGE. I don't live in the dorms anymore. I don't rely on Rate My Professors any longer. I cook (sometimes). It's really real up in here.
Being a junior, I get asked a lot about my future plans. "An English major?" people ask. "Soooooooo...what are you going to do with that?"
But I do have a lot of options. Bless my little literature heart, an English major is actually very flexible, and minoring in management opened up my options more. That all being said, here are a bunch of random things I've dreamed of doing post-grad.

touring with some random pop punk band.
No, straight up, this is a serious consideration. I've always loved my time doing stage management and tour management would be a new and exciting challenge. I find that musicians are their own breed. You have to be careful with them, you see. (Especially the lead singers. REALLY, TERRIBLY, ESPECIALLY THE LEAD SINGERS.) I want to see the country and boss people around. Two thumbs way up.

personal assistant/organizational maven.
In a similar vein, I have a lot of fun running other people's lives. Or, at least, some facet of them. If you caught my feature over on the Militant Baker this past week, you know that I was her "Organizational Extraordinaire" and I LOVED IT. (Cue Icona Pop) She's incredible, she's encouraging, and she's stoked on whatever I brought to her. Plus, I love answering emails. That's my jam, people!

go abroad and do something.
This one is a tad more general. For a good month or so last summer, I threw around the idea of going to London and interning for Rock Sound magazine. Ever since I took my first magazine class, I've always been a bit on the edge about writing for a magazine (hint hint: it's waaaaaaay more work than it seems), but something about going to LONDON and doing it seems much more appealing. And if I wasn't doing that...I dunno! I feel as though I would love to live somewhere other than the U.S. and trying out something completely different. 

What were you considering just out of college? Any interesting first time jobs?

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