Blog Roundup: These Might Be a Little Old, But...

Every time I do a blog roundup, I try really hard to turn around the posts fairly quickly. Who wants to read old posts, right? (I imagine they kind of have the same shelf life as that bad?) Anyway, these are all from a couple weeks ago but they really are some of my favorites!!!
PUPPIES PUPPIES PUPPIES // Okay, most important things first: puppy cam. Golden retriever puppy cam. So worth it. 

IT'S A BLOG...A BLOG // I've only been following Nadine from Back East Blonde for a few weeks, but I love this post so much. Sometimes we get so caught up in something...that's not even that rooted in reality. (I should know...I play muggle quidditch.) 

BETTER THAN YOU THINK // I've always had a connection with Maggie and her writing - she's in college (like me!), a writing major (like me!), and loves pizza (OMG soulmates). This post about expectations and how good you really think you are hit home, and not just because it's about workshop classes.
BLUE METH? AWESOME // Hazel from Two Thirds Hazel didn't go as Jesse or Walter from Breaking t. Bad...she went as their product. And it looks incredible!!!
DEADLY SINS BUT SWEET QUESTIONS // I love question posts - sometimes I feel like it takes a while to really get to know a blogger and the best way to change that is asking them a bunch of weird questions! Nicole from Treasure Tromp answered ones all about the deadly sins. 
GEISHA SEARCHING // Amanda from Living in Another Language went to Kyoto and saw a couple geisha - such an interesting tradition!

GIRLS AND TEENS // Drea always has the best input about raising her kid - here, she talks about how having a girl affected her. 
WHAT'S AN 'EXCUSE', ANYWAY? // Jes of The Militant Baker is one of my favorite people (and I'm not paid to say that, I swear). She posts this great response to people asking what someone's "excuse" is for not being the traditional version of American beauty.

ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT // I'm the first to say I might be a pessimist. Believe me, I'm trying to change my ways, but sometimes you need a push - in comes Melyssa. 

MORE BLOG REFLECTIONS // Two posts about blogs in one roundup? You bet! Kaelah always has awesome insights about blogging - probably cause she's been around the block a few times. I love her discussing why we love this weirdo form of communication. (Psst, also check out her WEEKLY INTENTIONS.)

REMIXING MAGIC // Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky is one of my style icons. Here, she takes a  few pieces and shows so many different ways to wear. 

What were your favorite posts from this week? (Or last week...or the week before...)

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