Ghosts of Halloween's Past: Or, Me in a Bunch of Unflattering Suits

I already know what you're thinking and no, I don't mean suits like the kind sung about by JT. I mean like big, burly, onesies. Usually with tails.
See, every Halloween in college, I've gone as something in a suit. I know I'm way behind on the Halloween festivities, but bear with me. Behold, readers, look at my transformation:

freshman year: reptar.
My mother graciously agreed to make me a Reptar suit. Detachable head, giant packed tail, all the colors was marvelous. Also, it snowed that year - I was so cozy shuffling from party to party! I do have to say though, this dated me quite a bit. Kids who saw me on the street just said "Dinosaur! Dinosaur!" I didn't realize that Rugrats has been off the air for several years...

sophomore year: cow.
I was abroad this year, but determined to have a costume. This suit I bought online - it's called 'kirugumi' and apparently it's a really popular suit/pajama style from Japan. The Cow has gained infamy, if only for how much I wear it. (What can I say...the comfiest!)

junior year: sully. 
Another masterpiece by my mother. This one was built similar to Reptar, but as she unfurled the suit, I realized: he didn't have spots! The afternoon of Halloween, I parked at my kitchen table, dutifully cutting out spots from an old sweater. Safety-pinning them on took /forever/ but was totally worth it.

BONUS! junior year: hipster snow white.
My whole apartment wanted to do a "group costume" to one party. After a lot (a LOT) of ideas, we settled on "hipster Disney princesses." One Ariel, one Esmerelda, one Pocahontas...and me. Up until two hours before we were supposed to leave, I thought I was going to go as Rapunzel, but I had nothing that would distinguish me as a princess. Then, I realized I had the exact bow of Snow White...and slowly, one roommate found a yellow skirt while another though of my chambray shirt and voila! Hipster Snow White was born. The night after, a friend asked me to go out with her and when I asked her turns out she was going as Hipster Ariel! So I recycled the costume, but still managed to match someone for two nights in a row. 

What did you guys go as for Halloween?

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