Little Things Week: Or, Look at Me Doing Things Well Sort Of

I realized that I've been posting every day since Sunday. (Yes, I am boasting. LOOK AT ME DOING THINGS.) I'm not usually one to try and post that often, for fear that I will bug readers (I wish I was kidding) or run out of ideas (also not kidding). But, this just sort of happened. So might as well continue. And finish up for a ~week of full blogging~
Here are a bunch of little things keeping me going this week:
-the goober up there, dumb enough to let his girlfriend find the photobooth on his computer. 
-going to the mall to shop for a roommate's birthday (+ mall soft pretzels. Literally nothing better in the universe than a giant, buttery pretzel.)
-constantly laughing about our cake bandit, because, at this point, if we gave up on the cake we'd all be ugly sobbing messes. 
-lots of chances to meet up with old friends and connect. I feel as though since I've gotten back from my study abroad (almost a whole YEAR ago) I've had a hard time talking to friends from freshman year. 
-I never thought I'd be saying this, time? Finally a chance to relax? I'm stunned. 
Maybe it's just a few things, but I'm still real happy for this week. 
What has been making you guys happy?

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