LUSH Addict: My Skincare Routine

As someone who used to not be able to wash her face without breaking out, skincare is a big deal for me. I have profoundly sensitive skin and it doesn't have a real texture - some parts are oily, others are dry, and in general, I try to not anger it. I only started taking conscious care of my skin earlier in the summer, but now it's just a built in routine. I'm real heavy on the LUSH products, but I thought I'd give everyone a sample. :] 

**in lieu of me actually putting all the stuff on and then begging people to take photos of me, I opted for an artsy photo shoot on my desk of all the products - they're easy to use, believe me!

Okay, let's start by taking all that gross makeup off. (I can't /believe/ I used to go to bed without taking all my makeup off. Disgusting.) I really only wear eyeliner and mascara, but that's still terrible to keep on your eyes for too long. 
I use Clinique's eye makeup remover - splash a bit on a cotton pad, then rub off all the gross-ness. I like it cause you don't have to rub very hard to get everything off, plus it doesn't sting my eyes. 

After that, I use a basic cleanser to get the grit out of my skin. I use LUSH 9 to 5. You put it on just like a lotion, but then wipe it off with another cotton pad. Straight up: sometimes that cotton pad is /brown/. One of those satisfying "this is really disgusting, but at least its working" sort of moment. 

You could stop there, but I have really sensitive skin so I have to follow with a moisturizer. I use LUSH's Celestial and this is my favorite product of all. It smells like sugar cookies (in a good way) and keeps my skin smooth all night and into the next day. 

Then (/then/...THEN!), there's Dream Cream. I wish I could explain to you guys how awful my skin can be...I wish I could. (No photos...ew how gross would that be?) But this stuff has something in it that soothes just about anything. Dry skin? Gone instantly. Post-shaved leg ick feeling? All disappears. The pot it comes in is perfect to dab a bit in your hands and then roll. 

There you guys have it! My perfect skin care routine. Keep in mind, if you're unsure how the products will affect you, you can go into any LUSH store and ask for a 5 day sample, which is how I started. Also, I know these guys are a pretty penny, but the levels in these photos are since I got them in early a little goes a long way!

Here are all the links:
clinque eye makeup remover // LUSH 9-5 // LUSH celestial // LUSH dream cream

What do you guys use on your skin?

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