Weekly Wishes // 02

The theme of the week was "Memories" and the closest I could think of was my dorm after I moved out. Here it is in all its bare glory. A little sad but still cool to look at. 
Agh and we descend onto one of my last full weeks of school. I honestly can't believe this semester has gone so quickly - and I'm not just saying that because everyone says that. (Cue "Ohmygod, like, how are we going to survive winter break without each other!?" Answer: you text each other every day and hang out with your friends from home. You will live.)
Anyway, here's the lowdown.
last week's recap.
1. make all appointments as necessary with professors.
Major, major fail on this end. Couldn't get my life together enough to make appointments. This week is registration (along with other things) so I'm not sure how things will go. I'll get them eventually.
2. find some chances to see good in the world.
Yes! I did this post on seeing some good things this week, as well as being really conscious of trying to be happier. 
weekly wishes installment two.
1. get my homework done before the very last minute. 
I have this terrible habit of waiting until literally the morning of to do my work. It's really not hard to spend an extra half hour the night before and wake up with ~nothing to do~ 
2. answer emails/texts/etc on time. 
I keep ignoring my problems and eventually I'm getting back to people super late. I have to be punctual!
Have a good week, guys!
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