Weekly Wishes // 03

Whew. I took just a huge step back from blogging this week...and it /flew by./ I had no idea time could move so fast. In fact, yesterday I was so sure I could get my weekly wishes post together and be ready...all to realize it was two in the morning. Classic life of a college kid. 
Anyway, looking at last week:
last week's recap.
1. get my homework done before the very last minute.
Um, sort of. I'm still sort of bad with not finishing readings, but at least this time I actually finished all my work in advance. Sometimes it takes until this point in the semester (re: finals) to realize how much you're actually grasping in class. 
2. answer emails/texts/etc on time.
MAJOR FAIL. I had to tweet at so many people this week saying I'd get back to them about stuff...and I haven't. And I was going to do that this morning. But things aren't looking good.
weekly wishes installment three. 
1. do major prep for finals during the break.
I'm going to try so hard (SO HARD) to knock out at least an essay and a presentation for school this week. We start again on Monday so it'll be a whammy to get back to things. Here's hoping I can actually knuckle down!
2. be okay with all your friends leaving.
There's a post that's been half-written for a week that will /hopefully/ go up tomorrow, but due to circumstances, I can't go home for Thanksgiving. My goals are to actually be okay with no boyfriend, only one roommate (but a great one!!!), and just a couple of other friends. I can survive! I swear!
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