Weekly Wishes: Piece of Cake

I'll be honest, I'm not huge on link-up things. (But I love Melyssa and I see these posts all the time! I should do this! On an actual regular basis!) And I also should be doing work right now. But...
Okay, guys, I'll be straight with you: my apartment got broken into. And it's just as awful as it sounds. No one was home when it happened and the people only took a few things, but it sucks. Especially considering my wallet was stolen earlier this semester. I'm tired of being skeeved out by everything going on in the world.
So I decided to not do the millions of pages of reading due tomorrow, and instead focus on the future. With a blog post. So here goes. I figured for these weekly wishes things, I want to always have two goals: one tangible that I know I can accomplish, and one thing to generally focus on during that week. So let's  try this thing, shall we?
weekly wishes installment one.
1. Make all appointments/meetings necessary with various professors. I have a thesis AND directed study in production, as well as various Honors and Career Center things. All of these need meetings (which I /hate/) and I should get on that.
2. Find some chances to see good instead of evil. I've been on the hunt for bad things, as of late. I just find myself thinking very pessimistically, you feel? I want to try and see stuff in a good light! (Kind of like how when all of us were huddled around the window with a broken screen and saw cake on the ground. And started hysterically laughing. Because what thief steals shit...then eats cake. On the porch that they have just stolen from. Reminded me a lot of the piece of corn.)
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