What Makes a Good Blog: Part I - Writing

Oh hey new blog series! So I've been working my little butt off trying to really critique my own blog and figure out what makes it tick. I sometimes feel like my blog is just one giant hunk of nonfiction writing that I'm constantly editing and changing to make better. What do you do when you're plum out of ideas? You read other awesome stuff and see what makes it awesome! Thus my series on What Makes a Good Blog. This could also be called "Blog Superlatives" or something, but I just like breaking down what makes blogs great. I'll be choosing categories and bloggers that fit those categories, and posting on Fridays.
My first and foremost category HAD to be writing. (It's what I do, after all.) It was nearly impossible to pick out only three bloggers, but I managed it. These are the girls that have it down pat. Here's what I have to say about them:
hey natalie jean.
Formally known as Nat the Fat Rat, I've been reading this lady's blog for at least a year, if not more. She's always got the best tips/tricks/thoughts/insights/basically everything. Her son Huck is ADORABLE and also sounds like a true gentleman. I guess the main thing I have to say is that Natalie can turn an everyday afternoon into an adventure. I always sit down to write and fret that nothing "exciting" happened that day. What's a blogger if not an exciting life!? But she can just talk about kiddo yoga, her dad coming to town, or, actually "not posting." (Spoiler: that link is to a post.) All in all, I feel like I walk away from each post feeling as though we sat down to coffee that week and had a good laugh. And probably an awesome bakery item since she knows all about those.
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life of bon.
Oh Bonnie and her hilarious writing. She seems to tackle every kind of subject - scary, sad, frustrated, happy, etc - with vigor and a grain of salt. I love reading about her What We Did In Class This Week series (she teaches high school...and teaches it FUN. I wish I was in her class...yes, I did just agree to go back to high school. THAT SAYS LOTS.) as well as her cutie pie puppy and adorable ginger husband. Did I mention I love her school posts? Please just do yourself a favor and go read everything while being jealous of her students. 
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delightfully tacky.
As much as I think Elizabeth is seen as a "fashion blogger" around the internet, it's clear she has some amazing writing chops. Ever since she's started the Ask Elizabeth series, I've been stoked to scour everything she has to say. This post on critiques in the blogging world broke my heart, stitched it together again, ripped it apart once more, and I'm currently pasting it back together with super glue. But in a good way. Plus, she has this amazing post on "being brave," while also talking about her RV, aptly named Brave. (Yes, this girl traveled around in an RV in the wilderness for months. Shutup!)
Oh, and because you should also see her awesome personal style, take a look at her remix series
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