A Journey Home: Snow, Brains, and Way Too Many Leggings

Something about coming home for Christmas always brings out the retrospect in me. Granted, this hike home wasn't exactly easy: I had to trudge in the snow four blocks while lugging my carry on, only to step in a giant puddle. I got a middle seat on the plane between two guys with the broadest shoulders I've ever felt pierced into my arms. Then, when I finally arrived home...I realized I forgot my camera. (Remembered both lenses...but forgot the camera. Typical me.)

Anyway, I survived it all, but mostly I'm just glad to be on my couch and not have anything scheduled...apart from three separate doctors and dentist appointments. I've been plugging through Parks and Rec (season three!), trying to get a handle on blogging, and eating. Lots of eating. (Pretzel bread from Whole Foods. It will literally change your life. LIT-ERALLY.) (Is the Parks and Rec showing yet?)

So I guess this is just a check in to say that yes, I'm alive, and yes, I had a very exciting travel morning.
-When I was hiking in the snow at six in the morning, I was shocked at how many people are actually awake at that hour. This is coming from someone who considers anything before 10am "early." Oh, college. 
-I tried the Santa Fe breakfast wrap at Cosi. With egg whites. It was terrible, mostly because I hate eggs and their accompanying whites. The pico de gallo and bacon were great, though. 
-I bought Brain on Fire on my kindle and read 80% of it on the plane. I'm a giant nerd, but I find neuroscience fascinating. At least, the parts I understand.
-My mother and I ended up shopping in the city before starting home. I now have an atrocious amount of leggings along with new boots. Like, five different prints of leggings in various lengths. (Capris? Pants? Anklets? I didn't even know there were types.) Did I need any of it? Not really. But, you know, Christmas.
-It hasn't hit me at all that I'm here for a whole month. I realized for a second that I wouldn't see my friends for that long and had a minor mental breakdown. But now I'm back to denial so it's all okay.

See? Brilliant time. Hope everyone else makes it back to your homelands...may the airlines bless you with window seats. 

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