Giveaway!: A Personalized Datevitation Book

Oh guys, do I have a treat for you today.
You know how when you were growing up, your go-to gift was to make a book of coupons for your friends? Like "one time I will let you actually paint my nails" and "I will actually go shopping without whining." (As a tomboy, I had really girly friends...) 
Well, with Datevitation, you can do that! But instead of my standard crayon and printer paper, they do it all online for you! The interface is very easy to use: you simply pick out a few of their 500+ date ideas (you can filter them by activity-type as well!), then can customize the text and even add your faces! For $25, you get a whole book with five personalized date ideas, then each extra date idea is only a dollar! 
Since I already had a gift for the boy, I decided to check out their parent/kid section and chose to give my book to my mom. While they have a ton of "adult" dates, they also have a bunch of options for kids to give to their parents, and vice versa. I chose mostly chores for when I'm home and a few nice outings. 
Then, for extra laughs, I went with the "add your faces" option. You choose a photo, crop it, add cartoon hair, and then insert it into your date photos. Ours are fairly hilarious.
Overall, this was a super easy platform to use and the finished product looks really cute. The only things I would say is that I wish it was possible to give it to more than one person (ie my three roommates all in one book), but I'm sure they can expand in coming months! 
Okay, here's for the extra-awesome part: special to Sometimes Z Takes Pictures readers, you guys get your own coupon code for $10 off any book! Just use "ZPICTURES" during checkout. 
AND if that wasn't enough, here's a giveaway for a completed book. Go forth and win, little nuggets!
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