I Think I Look Nice Today: The Most Bloopers to Ever Bloop

I have this terrible habit of never really looking at the photos that are being taken of me until I go to put them into a post. I flick through the camera screen and it registers how many are portrait or landscape, how many are action or posed, and if I have a jumping shot. I don't really look at my face until it's ignorable in photoshop. (Frankly, I'd like to think my face is ignorable all the time.)
So, when I was going through this batch of photos to pick out which could be included...my face was all weird. In like, every photo. You know how some people do really cute blooper reels? Yeah, this one outfit could supply a good chunk of bloopers. (Don't worry; that's all in the works.)
Basically, what I'm saying is...sometimes my face doesn't work. But that's okay. Also, I should mention that I was really freaking cold. I always tell myself I don't have to layer with a cardigan or something cause that will "ruin the outfit" (insert: no, it will make you look like a normal person being outside in Boston weather). Ughhhh. Hopefully I will get better at all of this. But hey, I gave you two jump shots this time, so love me.
scarf // american eagle
shirt // forever 21 (similar)
skirt // modcloth
tights // primark (similar)
shoes // vans

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