I Think I Look Nice Today: Tulle-telage

I realized a few weeks ago just how long it's been since I did any outfit posts.
And gosh darn it, I was upset. 
Like, I really like dressing up and having photos of taken of me. (What? No one else shares this? Come out of the woodwork, liars.) Plus, not to boast or anything, but I like my catch-all weirdo mix up style. (Always more colored tights...always strange printed scarves...always jeans!!! More jeans!!!) 
Plus, being honest, I've been thinking a lot about what I want from this space in 2014 (okay feels weird to type...) and more fashion posts are for sure up there. So get excited people...this is a thing! An actual repeat thing! 
top // zumiez (boy's department) (similar)
necklace // american eagle
skirt // modcloth
tights // h&m (similar)
shoes // journeys
Also, I have to jump in and say that this skirt may be my favorite purchase from Modcloth ever. And I know I say that every time I buy something, but it's TRUE this go round. I swear. Sort of. 
Ever since I saw Kaylee style her tulle skirt I wanted one...but wasn't sure if I would find one I liked. 
You know, they make half-off Black Friday sales for a reason. Hint hint.
Gratuitous jumping photo because I remembered this time!!! (Major derp. Do I care? 
...I actually care a little, but I love you guys so it's okay.)

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