LOUD BARKING: Or, My Favorite Dog Breeds

Okay, I may be a bit obsessed with dogs. My roommates think I'm a bit crazy. I constantly watch Too Cute. I scream whenever I see cute puppies frolicking in the snow. And I regularly prowl the Animals Pinterest board since...well...adorableness? I keep telling myself that when I can afford a dog (both money and time-wise), I'll definitely get a shelter pup, so it's almost certain I'll have a mutt...but a girl can dream, right!?
Anyway, here are all my favorite dog breeds.

Gosh, these are definitely my #1 breed - if I could pick. They're perfect for being sort lap-dog like, but also not a yippy little poodle or something. 

One of these big guys lived next to my childhood home my entire time growing up, so I have a soft spot for these snuggly pooches. Yeah, I know, tons of drool and hair...but worth it for this kind of heated blanket, amiright?

basset hound!
Our apartment has talked at length about basset hound puppies. Even though we know it's completely impractical, we would love to have some cutie butt long-eared dog running around our house. I'd name him Sniffles. No regrets. 

Okay, totally blame this one on Monja, but corgis are the bomb. Small but not teeny, active but not hyper. Plus, they're the viral favorite. 

great dane!
My mom grew up with two of these giants, and I love having big dogs. I find photos of danes on couches some of the best photo ops of all time. What sweethearts!

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What's your dream dog?

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