Photo Dump: Molly

Whenever I do little "photoshoots," either for myself or others, I always try to space the posts as much as possible...but that's rarely how it works out. I finally handed in my last final on Friday and today has been all snow and brunch and snuggly movies in bed, so my creative muscle hasn't been flexing, you feel? 

When I asked Molly to take my outfit pictures, she figured I might as well snap a couple of her. She's the cutiest patootie out there - I've been pressuring her to start her own blog for ages, hopefully she will soon. 

I've had such a strange time the last week or so. What with being sick and in the midst of finals, I haven't had time to really love and appreciate all the dorks I hang out with in Boston. I finish my last final at 8pm and I'm gone twelve hours later. I wish I could stay here for the whole of winter break...but then I remember I have a family back home, too. It's difficult to try and split yourself to two places. 

The end of the year is a time for reflecting, and I have to say (in ahem ahem, formal reflection), I've done well for myself here. Every freshman's terrified they won't have friends or the support system they left back home. For a while, I thought I sort of lost it all. But we had a party last night and I got to see all my favorites. Some since freshman year, some since a couple weeks ago. All people I can't wait to keep spending my time with. 

Thankfulness and all that jazz. 

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