Weekly Wishes // 04

Let me paint you a picture of the modern college student: clad in her favorite sweats and her boyfriend's forgotten hoodie, laying flat on her unmade bed, papers strewn on every surface, three food plates stacked on her end table, with her stuffed dog tucked under one arm and the family cat under the other. 
Yes, that's right folks...it's finals week. 
That being said, here comes the wishes.
last week's recap.
1. do major prep for finals during the break.
Kind of failure...I definitely focused on prepping for my poetry finals (that are happening tonight!!! ahhh! AHHH!!!), but I think it was worth it in the end. I'm going to be behind this week, but I think I'll manage to power through.
2. be okay with all your friends leaving.
I was shockingly not homesick this whole week. I managed to keep myself distracted with work (and not working...) and now with only seventeen days until I get to go home for winter break, I'm stoked. Like I said, I can power through. But...ugh.
weekly wishes installment four.
1. again...work work work. 
It's honestly really difficult for me to focus on anything but finals this week. I'll be finished by next Friday and have something due almost every day leading up to that. A whirlwind, to say the least. 
2. take some time each day to chill.out. 
I really spun myself into a tizzy this week trying to get everything done. I need to learn to slow down, BREATHE, and realize that it will all somehow come to an end. 
Hope everyone's weeks are going well!