Weekly Wishes // 05

Oh my, happy Monday! It's pouring sleet on my end of the world, what about you guys? Great cheery way to wake up, I have to say. Technically we got snow this morning, but with all the ice and gloom it's hard to tell. Anyway, I have some wishes.
last week's recap.
1. again...work work work. 
Meh. I got some things done, others just didn't happen. This is life. I tried to "get ahead" but really, it's just doing different work. Everything should slow down when we get the reading day on Wednesday, so I'm hoping I can feel better once I get to that milestone.
2. take some time each day to chill out. 
ACCOMPLISHED. I feel so much less stressed this week just because I knew when I was in the mood to work and when I wasn't. Not feeling pressured to try and constantly have my nose at the grindstone helped a lot.
weekly wishes installment five.
1. figure out what I'm sick with.
I seem to have every un-quantifiable symptom possible: fatigue, achiness, nausea...but no fever. Why does this always happen? I'm trying to book an appointment in with the health service, but if I just magically get well, that works too.
2. finish up with Christmas shopping.
I'm actually shockingly on top of things this year, with most of my stuff bought. I'm just missing a few things for my housemates, my #ZabrinaSecretSanta pick, and bits and pieces apart from that. I want to be DONE by the end of the week. Hopefully.
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