Weekly Wishes // 06

I feel as though I've been in the trenches of finals for months, but I can finally see a light on the horizon. Last night, I had this terrifying dream that I missed my flight (along with other strange things...why was there a hippo in the airport? Don't ask questions.). I'm not gonna lie - I'm super going to miss everyone from here, but I'm also 300% done with this semester. You know, classic finals speak.
last week's recap.
1. figure out what I'm sick with.
Success...kind of? I went to the doctor at our health services department and she was all kinds of unhelpful. (Granted, I had the weirdest display of symptoms ever...I'm a difficult patient.) Basically, after a half hour of back and forth questions, she took my blood and decided to run a ton of tests on it, all of which came back negative. But, a few days after that, I started feeling better and now I'm fine. I don't understand my body.
2. finish up with Christmas shopping.
YES! I honestly didn't think I'd accomplish this but I officially have a present for every member of my immediate family. Plus, my roommates have decided to push our gift exchange until after Christmas so hopefully all of their stuff will come off backorder. (Sidebar: literally everything I wanted for my friends this year has gone on backorder. Like, never have your cards stop working over Black Friday. ALL IS SOLD OUT.)
weekly wishes installment six.
1. survive traveling.
It hit me the other day that I haven't been on a flight home since July, and before that was Christmas break again. Solo travel hasn't ever really bothered me, but I'm afraid I'm out of practice. My best bet is just downloading a bunch of kindle books to my iPad and becoming cultured. 
2. try and see friends from home!
I'm really hoping that I can reconnect with some people, especially since I'm terrible at staying in touch with high school friends. Here's to half-apps and drinks! (Drinks meaning Shirley Temples...nothing is worse than being a baby.)