Weekly Wishes // 07

Every week, Monday never fails to surprise me. I just always forget that the weekend has to...you know...end. At least now I'm finally home, where I can happily sleep until noon every day and just ignore the fact that I promised to myself I'd go the gym...
last week's recap.
1. survive traveling.
I did! If you didn't see the quick recap of my journey, you can check it out here. It was shockingly not-awful, compared to some of the terrible experiences I've had in the past (don't ask me about my flight to Europe).
2. try and see friends from home!
Complete fail. So many people don't get back until today, so I've just been hanging around my parents' house for the past week. I'll be stoked to finally get the chance to see people. 
weekly wishes installment seven.
1. do something active every day.
I don't care if it's a run at the gym, a dance to TurboJam, or even just a romp in the snow - I want to do SOMETHING so I don't feel like a blob. Whatever it takes to get myself semi in-shape for going snowboarding in a couple weeks :]]]
2. use my camera every day.
Even though I was a cotton headed ninny muggins and forgot it at home, it's supposed to arrive later today, thanks to my roommates and their magical shipping power. My new Sigma lens is incredible and I want to experiment with it as much as possible. 
What are your wishes for the week?