All the Ugly B-Words: A Week in Montana

Guys, being on vacation this long has me thinking. I'm totally loving all the snowboarding time I've gotten, not to mention all the sweet movies and great food. Granted, I keep seeing these gross b-word's hiking up on me. Montana has done a number and now all I can think of are all these. 

best friends + boyfriend.
I miss mine. Like a freaking lot. Freshman and sophomore year I had had just waaaaay too much exposure to everyone on campus and I was ready to get out. But now? Spending a whole month away from them makes me wonder how I managed an entire SUMMER. I can't wait to land in Logan on Monday afternoon and promptly hold everyone in my arms and cry (and drink) and cry (and drink) and laugh. Soon my darlings! Oh, and can watch. Or something. Nerd. :]

Confession: I have weird feet. Like, they're two different sizes and I have really slim ankles plus I injured them when I got run over by a bike last year... anyway, shoes never fit me right. And when it comes to really important fitting footwear (read: snowboarding boots), it's even worse. All week I've been plagued by boots that just bite right back. Luckily, I'm still managing to coast through most of the cramps and pain...but this sucks, yo!

I don't know if anyone's ever told you this, but Montana is bison country. Guaranteed every restaurant will have at least one bison-related item on the menu. This week I've had bison short ribs and bison quesadillas, as well as tried some bison steak. Tastes awesome, but still strange to get used to. 

I honestly think that me being underage is more inconveniencing my father than anyone else. We're both big beer drinkers and he's always determined to have me try whatever's on tap. In Wisconsin, no one really cards or cares as long as you're with your parents, but Montana's a little stricter. Either way, there's a bunch of great breweries and we've been trying all the local stuff. Here's to Nordic Blonde beers!

Have I mentioned how cold it is to sit on the side of a mountain all day? True, it'd be less cold if I boarded a little faster...but hey, I'm enjoying the vistas! Who ever got mad about that? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get that the polar vortex is ripping through the rest of the world, but it's like, fifteen degrees here! That's...still cold...right...

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