Four Things That Bug Me About the Blog World

Yo guys, let me be honest here: I've had a hard time logging on the past week or two. I think all my interests definitely have spikes and valleys, but this whole past week I feel like I've been tuned out of almost everything. How lame, right? But, if there's one thing that always works, it's going through and reading all of my favorite blogs again. Some I've even gone way back into the archives. It's crazy to see how much some blogs change over time! (And not in a bad way - just evolution, you know?) Anyway, this might be a bit negative (not forgetting my word of the year, I swear!!!), but I couldn't help seeing the same old things that irritate me in the blog world. The best part is I've totally done all of these. Not even original, haha. Anyway, figured I'd share some of my biggest grievances - I'm not crazy, am I?

apologizing for not posting for a while.
It's normal to bring up a prolonged absence or if you took a legitimate blogging break. But I feel like I constantly see people popping in being like, "Whew, I haven't posted in two days! So so SO sorry to my readers, can't believe I left you hanging like that!" Meanwhile, all I can think is, I haven't looked at my feed all weekend, so I didn't know until you told me. Every quick break doesn't need to be justified: life happens. 

not sharing the love.
No blogger is an island. We all love this thing we do, so we support those other weirdos who participate with us. But a lot of times, I see people that only post their own content - and do it constantly. I get it, and of course I dump a lot of my stuff into social media as well, but I try to even it out by also adding things from my sponsors or just other cool people from the week! That or I try to have regular roundup posts where I help people find other great blogs. 

being a lurker.
I'm exceptionally prone to this mistake. I often visit the same blogs over and over, but never comment! I'm pretty outspoken in person, but I freeze up on the internet (how's that for reverse-o logic?). Now I try really really hard to make sure that I comment on every other post I read in my feed - even if I sound kind of stupid or clunky. Sometimes it's just nice to know that people are engaging. 

having a cluttered or busy-looking site.
Call me a total snob, but recently I have an impossible time slogging through a site if it's not clear and streamlined. And that's not hard to do! You don't need a fancy designer or some expensive template - actually those can occasionally do the reverse. Let me just say one last thing: Hard. To. Read. Fonts. Do away with them, please. My eyes hurt. 

Of course, this list would make much more sense with FIVE things, but four just seemed right for this one. What is your biggest pet peeve about the blog world?

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