Here Are a Few Things I Can Maybe Do: Goals For My Blog

((I swear, I use this photo for literally every post when I talk about's over a year old. I guess I need more photos with me and my laptop.))
Whelp, it's the new year, might as well come up with something to resolve. No, but in all seriousness, I've been thinking all these things for a while. I love my little blog and what with moving over to Wordpress and be getting a redesign from the lovely Kate, I want to find ways to make it even better. Here are my little resolutions for this blog:

be more honest.
Everyone always seems to be saying this about their blogs these days - putting a bow on everything, ignoring hardships, not posting when things go's a difficult issue. But I'm talking less about happy-happy-happy sort of things, and more about simply telling you guys what's going on in my life. The reason I started this blog is to have a similar journaling outlet, and if I never talk about the "boring" stuff of dates, roommate disasters, and class debacles...then what really is this?

more outfit posts.
I've recently made a "real life" goal to try and dress up more every day. I have an /enormous/ closet, which is long as I wear everything. Which I haven't been doing. It's not difficult to wake up an extra five or ten minutes early and put together a quality outfit. That being said, I really want to start documenting more on the blog and showing off my style! I feel as though I really have a unique "look" and I should share it with the world. So, expect to see more "I Think I Look Nice Today's" in the coming months. 

use social media more. 
I totally got into the groove with twitter this year (and gained like a 100 followers in a month or two...crazy!). Pinterest...ehhh, working on it. Instagram I think will always be my personal baby, but I like sharing that with blog people. (Sometimes you can't make /everything/ relate to your blog.) I love this new way of promoting myself and I want to be better about doing it in a facilitative and personal way. 

connect with people.
Whenever I read "why do you blog" sort of questions, everyone always says the community. And I agree! It's a great network of people sharing their lives. But I feel as though I could be doing more to have genuine connections with people I care about. Sometimes, all it takes is sending someone an email - that goes so far! Definitely going to try and be better at finding people to sit with at lunch...metaphorically speaking.

...and for me? Me personally? My big goal of 2014 is to be more POSITIVE. It's all about practice. I slip into the rut of being negative, complain-y, and just generally...unpleasant. When I'm with friends, it's the cheerleaders, the jokesters, the people who naturally find the awesome parts of life...they're the ones I like being with best. And I want to be that person. So I won't be all-smiles no-problems...but I will make a concentrated effort to see through the window instead of focusing on occasional dirt on the glass. Make sense? I sure used enough ellipses to prove my point...

What are your goals in 2014?

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