I Think I Look Nice Today: First Day of School + DOG!

Don't get excited. This is not my dog. I wish she was, but we're currently dog sitting and I felt the need to channel Katherine and all the outfit photos she takes with her dogs. This is Olive and she was nice enough to pose for all of these. 
But really: isn't the first day of school impossible to dress for? (Technically, it was the first day of this current semester, but whatever.) You obviously want to try, but you don't want to be that person that tries too hard. It's a struggle. I decided to go with cute-but-not-flirty skirt along with formal-but-still-cozy sweater. And chevron tights. Because who doesn't want chevron tights. (Also because I won them in Jenni's giveaway.) 
sweater // h&m (similar)
necklace // forever 21 (similar)
skirt // american eagle (similar)
tights // silkies (similar)
shoes // steve madden
I also got these boots over Christmas break and I'm in love with them. I love things that are interesting colors but can still work as a neutral. (Full disclosure: I spent a good half hour in my room freaking out over if I looked to "Christmas-y" with a red sweater and green boots. Regardless of the fact that they aren't even the right shade to be Christmas colors. Just consider it part of my process.) 
Anyway, thanks Olive for being a total cutie pie and helping out my photo game. (Though I let her run free when I was doing my jumping photos...didn't want to scare the poor girl!)

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