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Hey all! I'm currently en route to one of my favorite places of all time - Montana! I'm so stoked to have a full week of snowboarding and mountain views before I head back to Boston. In my absence, I have Kate on my blog! It's be awesome having her on my sidebar for the last month and she's opted to answer some of my questions. Enjoy!

Tell us a bit about you and your blog!
My blog, So You Guys, is a lifestyle blog with a little of everything. I share my life, crafts & DIY, recipes, life hacks, and whatever else comes into my very scattered brain.

What initially tuned you in to blogging?
I'm a wealth of information that is sometimes useless and sometimes useful. I wanted to share, plain & simple. Also, I was a blog reader and I felt like I should share my life too. Just reading blogs, without sharing my own life, felt a little like stalking! Ha!

Of all your different blog subjects, what is your favorite to write about?
I like to share recipes. I like to rework recipes until their just right and I want everyone to reap the rewards. Photography is always near and dear to me. I'm glad I can work pretty pictures into most posts.

What's your favorite thing about the holidays?
The magic! There's something so special about the anticipation and the glow everything has this time of year. Christmas is my absolute favorite!

What were your New Years Resolutions for 2013? Did you accomplish them?
I didn't have any! So, yes. Mission accomplished! I don't like resolutions. I just try to grow as a person and be better overall and not put a lot of pressure on myself.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go first?
I've always wanted to go to Paris. It calls me. It's in my soul. Maybe I lived there in a past life or something?

What's your perfect morning look like?
Cup of coffee, lounging with my guy. Dog on my lap. Perfection.

If you could have dinner with any celebrity, who would it be?
Marilyn Monroe. She was much smarter than she ever got credit for and I bet she knows some really good dirt!

I loved creeping exploring Kate's blog this month, and here are some of my favorite posts!
Christmas Pajamas: anyone else have this tradition in their family? I loved seeing all the old photos! Such a cool way to honor a family tradition. :] 
Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies: I am a nut about sugar cookies, especially around Christmas. This recipe looks waaaaay too good to skip over.
Snapshots: You guys know me - I'm an addict to photo dumps! I love how Kate captures life around her, it's precious.

You can find Kate here:
bloglovin // twitter // facebook 

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