Weekly Wishes // 08

It's so weird to be back on the Weekly Wishes train when my last one was BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Doesn't that seem like years ago? I go back to school in a week and I feel as though I've been away for ages. Thus, I don't think it even makes sense to do a recap...it's 2014, bitches! I'm gonna start fresh! 
The photo theme for this week was simply "2014" and I just had to snap a few pictures of the mountains. I see 2014 as one gnarly headwall that I'm just going to snowboard down. In a good way. Why does that metaphor always sound negative? 
Plus, since Melyssa revamped the linkup, this first Monday is also about MONTHLY wishes. I'm scared. I'm lucky if I think a couple days in advance, let alone a whole monthhhhhhh. But here goes.
weekly wishes installment eight; monthly.
1. keep working on that positive train! 
I've been real conscious of my thought process the past few days, and damn if I didn't shame myself. I'm a real grumpy person! Now, I get it, it's also due to the fact that I've been away from most of my friends (including my boyfriend) for going on three weeks now (gag). I'm kind of going through withdrawal. Granted, the thing about positivity is that it's supposed to, you know, transcend circumstances? So I'll work on that, but hopefully February will bring a cheerier Z.
2. reconnect with school friends. 
I'm talking more than my closest five or so. I became a real hermit last semester and with my new schedule, I'm really hoping I can start seeing everyone again. I'm friends with so many seniors that are going to be LEAVING ME...I can't handle it. Thus, I will just try and hang out with everyone as much as possible.
weekly wishes installment eight; weekly.
1. wrap up everything at home.
Granted, I'm in Montana until Friday, but when I do get home, I want to be ready to hit the next semester rolling. I'm in the process of trying to frantically swap out of what sounds like a terrible literature class, but once I do that (I WILL, I say, I WILL!), I need to buy books, organize all my notebooks, organize my laptop...blarg. Lots of work. Gotta get that all done 
2. get prepped for the next phase of this blog.
Sometimes Z Takes Pictures is gonna go through some big changes in the next month...but first I have to do the legwork to get it there. I don't want to give too much away (what's better than a surprise?), but I think you guys are gonna like it :]

Also: have you taken my readers survey yet??? I'd love to hear all your thoughts and suggestions!!!