Weekly Wishes // 09

You know, something that would probably help me out with these things would be consistency. Something I don't excel at. At any rate, getting back in the swing of things a) apartment-related b) school-related and c) social-related has been much harder than I anticipated. 

last weeks' recap.
1. wrap up everything at home.
Accomplished! For the most part. At least, I'm here. And most of my things are also here. So I count that as success, hahaha. 
2. get prepped for the next phase of this blog.
Guys, I'm so stoked. I've been working with Kate for a week and I already have a clear picture of where this blog is gonna go. I think everyone's gonna LOOOOOOVE it. (Hehehehehehe.) 

weekly wishes installment nine. 
1. complete all of my reading at least 12 hours in advance of the class. 
I originally typed '24 hours' and then I knew that wouldn't happen. A terrible habit I got into this past semester was finishing all my work the morning of. (Considering I had classes at 2 and 4, this was doable. With class at noon? Not so much.) I want everything done before I go to bed, so I'm never rushing in the morning.
2. drink at least three bottles of water a day.
I've found that by just keeping water near me, I automatically drink more. Staying hydrated is really important, especially since I got so sick this weekend. 

You guys have wishes for this week?
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