Words of 2014: Sponsor Roundup

Yo kiddos, I'm not much of a trend person but I am crazy into this "one word, 365 days" thing. It is so much easier for me to focus on that rather than a bunch of other frivolous goals.

Based on my other rambles the past couple weeks, you can kind of already guess what my word is. It has to be POSITIVITY. I am forever catching myself talking down on others, myself, the world...honestly, it's just a lame thing to do. It makes me not fun to hang out with and changes my whole stage of mind. All of 2014 is going to be about the conscious choice to be positive.

And, as a bonus, I have a great group of girls here to share their own words with you!

Meet Sky!
Hey guys, Sky here! I am a writer/traveler/music addict. I recently started working with Lilla Rose, a super-awesome company that offers hair jewelry and cute, stylish alternatives to claw clips and ponytail holders. I began this business because A.) I love the products and B.) I have exciting travel plans for 2014 and needed something to supplement my income. But, really, I love people, I love hair, and I love the products so it was a no-brainer.
Her word is...
My one word for 2014 is Independent. I aim to make this the year that I accept total control of my life and begin to make a difference. My Lilla Rose business is a great way for me to be independent - I get to work when I want to and how much I earn is dependent on how hard I work. Plus, I get to help others as I do fundraisers for anyone with a cause.
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Meet Sabrina!
Hi! I'm Sabrina + I blog over at Cattails + Cardigans. I'm a 20 something gal who loves sweet tea, pretty beards and cats. My blog is a collection of stories and I really hope you come stop by + say hello!
Her word is...
My word for 2014 is "grow". I chose the word "grow" for a few reasons. This year I set a few short goals for myself + they all revolve around me wanting to expand myself. I want to travel more, go on adventures + take lots of photos. I want to make memories + read as many books as possible. I want to grow as a person and really expand my knowledge!
My favorite posts...
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Meet Jess!
I'm Jess, and I run my blog with the occasional input of my best friend Sarah. I'm an incurable bookworm that speed reads through books and even used to read under the desk in high school! My blog follows the monthly reads and other silly things that I get into, like a curious cat! 
Her word is...
My one word is "Growth" since I'm in a time of my life that I need to start thinking about the future. I need to start looking for a big girl job after I get my second degree, I'm apartment hunting with my boyfriend, and in general trying to grow into a better and more mature person! I really hope to get settled into real "adult" life! (eek!) 
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There you have it! I loved working with all these girls and their blogs are a joy to read each day. Please go ahead and check them out! 

You want to be a part of my middle men? Feel free to check out my sponsorship page!

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