Blerg with a Side of Blerg: the Z Story

Wowsie frickin' wow...can we just take a moment and realize that I haven't blogged in nearly two weeks? And how I have like, three half-written posts that I can't make myself finish? 
And can we also take a moment to talk about the !!insane!! writer's block I've had - not just in the blogging world but also for my poetry, nonfiction, and actual...real...essays...
Sometimes I just feel creatively comatose. 
BUT: here's what I've done instead.
-being forced to watch the TERRIBLE Packers game on Thanksgiving day. Don't even get me started on it...I just really love Matt Flynn, okay!?
-slowly chipping away at all my different literature classes and homework. Recent read: this book, which is harrowing but so informative to the tragedies of WWII.
-sleep. So much sleep. Sleeping until noon kind of sleep. Sleeping so hard that I'm sore the next morning kind of sleep. Glorious, glorious sleep.
-absolutely CLEAN UP at Modcloth's 50% off sale. Fav picks: this dress and this skirt
-speaking of Black Friday, my roommate and I braved the crowds to drag home a giant new TV that was on super-sale...totally worth it. Broke it in by watching every Friends Thanksgiving episode in one night. Perfect.
-basically, balance. It's only the third day of vacation, but I feel as though I at least have a handle on everything. Maybe not...a great handle. But something. 
Hope you all a wonderful (and restful!) Thanksgiving. Here's to the slog until finals...

(psst psst reminder: only ~two days~ left to sign up for #ZabrinaSecretSanta!!! Quick!!!)

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