Favorite Posts of 2013: July Through December

Whew, part one took a while, but this one seemed to take even longer! I guess it's harder to narrow stuff down when it's more recent and you can remember immediately what you were thinking and feeling when you wrote that post...huh. Such a weird experience! Anyway, enjoy part two!!!

What's With All These Irish Dudes?: Questions My Retail Job Has Answered  
My retail job was absolutely nuts over the summer (both good and bad) and I needed some strange ways to cope. Also, nothing is stranger than the amount of Irish guys I dealt with at my job...
What's Your Beef: Great Dane
Still one of the best burgers I've ever eaten in my life. I love how my posts change slightly when I'm home - they have this touch of present-nostalgia to them. Can't put my finger on it. 
I Think I Look Nice Today: Just a Jacket
This produced some of my all-time favorite photos of myself - plus, isn't this just an awesome jacket?! Sometimes, light, people, and an outfit all come together to look...well, almost okay.

The Only Thing Job Related That I'm Kind Of Good At: How to Build a Resume
I still pride myself on writing a pretty bitchin' resume. (Cover letters are another story...don't ask questions.) Here are just a few simple tips if you're looking to start with your first one.
I Think I Look Nice Today: Boys Club
Gee, there are actually a whole bunch of outfits on this roundup, isn't there? Can't tell if that's a good or a bad thing. Well, at any rate, I continue to buy stuff from the boy's department shamelessly.
Hostel or Hovel?: How to Get Something Super Cheap But Not Super Creepy
I get a bunch of questions about living hostel to hostel in Europe and what it's like. Rightfully so: it makes me upset when I realize that hostelling is an almost purely European experience. New to you? Check out this post. :] 

Where I'll Be This Weekend
This is hardly a post, honestly, but I talk about quidditch so little on this blog (considering what a huge hunk of my life it takes up). I figured it was high time for me to share a few photos, even if it was just in lieu of a post. 
Currently [9.21]
Currently... is one of my favorite features to pop up on this blog. Sometimes I schedule things so far in advance of my other things that I can hardly tell you what I'm doing at the moment! (How whacked out is that?) Here's just one shy example. 
Room Tour: My Desk
I'm so proud of how my room is coming out. Hopefully I can finally finish up with it this semester so I can just show you the whole damn thing instead of bits and pieces. But anyway, my desk is one of my favorite aspects, so might as well share that. 

Apple Picking: Or, Going to a Place of Things I Hate With People I Love
One of my all-time favorite photo dumps. It was such a fun, chill afternoon. Plus, the apple were amazing - and I don't even like apples! They kept us in stock for months afterwards. 
Snap Away: How to Take Photos While Traveling
This is actually my most popular post on my Pinterest - who would have guessed? I just offer a few quick tips on how to take photos while on the go. Helpful for anyone studying abroad!!!
Cappucinos or Clicks: Why I Sponsor
Another popular share - I feel as though it's worth hearing from a smaller blogger about why it's worth sponsoring others, and offering them yourself. Not exactly a business, but a great way to take part in the community for sure.

Ghosts of Halloweens Past: Or, Me in a Bunch of Unflattering Suits
Weird to share this in November, but I had some pretty gnarly costumes - this year and others. Even if it's a bit goofy, I like showing them off. 
LUSH Addict: My Skincare Routine
I know, I know, the whole blog world is constantly chattering about LUSH. But I figured it was worth adding how much I love their products too - especially considering just how terrible my skin reacts to most cleansers. 
Shirts, Skirts, and Sixteen Pairs of Skinny Jeans: How to Organize Your Closet
As a perpetual (and probably addicted) organizer, I love sharing my tips. Even if you don't have the same layout as me (or the obnoxious amount of clothes), try seeing if you can grab a few suggestions from this.

Photo Dump: Molly
I've done a few different photo shoots with Molly and I always love how the photos come out. She's a cutie for sure, and I'll miss not living with her come fall. 
Seven Reasons I Am Not An Adult
I wrote this sort of on a whim, but it's such a goofy post I love keeping it around. Sometimes we all need reminders for why we should act our shoe size, not our age. :] 
This one!!!
I know it's dorky, but from putting this post together, I have to say I love it! Something about seeing how many posts I've had this year and all the milestones I've crossed is just great. Check out part one here!

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