Favorite Posts of 2013: January Through June

One of my favorite things to read near the end of the year is everyone else's blog roundups. And, not gonna lie: going through all my old posts and finding the best of the year is pretty fun, too. Here's the first six months of 2013 in all my posts - enjoy!

Mackenzie and A Lot of Words: Something That Was Supposed to Be Just a Photo Dump But Turned Into a Rant About the New Year
This is still one of my all-time favorite photoshoots. Mack is an amazing model and the snow was just perfect that day. Then to top it all off, I managed to spew out some interesting thoughts on the new year. Who knows what I'll do next. ;]
Fist Pumping and Whispers of Glee: How to Say "YES!" to Life
I try to be as much about positive thinking as I can on this little ol blog. This was one of my best 'ah-ha' moments I've had all year, and I still go back to think about it from time to time.
How to Move In Without Losing Your Mind: Making a Room Feel Like Home
As someone who has now logged over half of her year in an apartment (and is hopefully going to get to renew her lease), I cannot stress how much dorm living can suck when trying to make it your own. Here, I try a bit to have some easy ways to "break it in."

I Just Wanna Run: How I "Got Into" Running
Looking back on this, it's a great reminder for a) the ridiculous amount I exercised last semester and b) how much I miss it now. I tried to write it as a resource for anyone who hasn't discovered the wonder of writing. 
We Need to Talk About Europe: A Few Confessions and a Promise
Oh, the complicated world of travel posts. Even though I haven't done a whole lot of them since, I really like how this post captures how you are after a long trip. In a word, mixed. 
Tunesday: Kicking the Sads
I don't often get real during my TUNESday posts, but this one kind of squeaked out. Sometimes the February blues hit you hard, and it's near impossible to ignore. 

What I'm Reading This Week: Cold, Grey, and Brief
I definitely want to do more of these - but first, I have to read more, hahaha. Thankfully, I managed to finish most of these six and have been chipping away at some more nonfiction in the future. 
What's Your Beef: Veggie Galaxy
Also, more What's Your Beefs need to hit this blog. I just eat way too many good burgers to not share them with the internet. Veggie Galaxy is still one of my all-time favorite Boston restaurants, so it's worth a visit if you're in the area. 
I Think I Look Nice Today: But He's Your Lobster
Wow, March really was the progressive month of all the series posts that I want to continue with, huh? Still, flannel under sweaters is one of my best looks. Plus I still have that lobster sweater. 

Tunesday: Let Us Love
This was a difficult week for Boston and I still can't wholly wrap my head around the incident. This post was my best attempt. 
I Think I Look Nice Today: Let's Work It Out
These photos are still some of my favorites - I had such a fun afternoon just being a goof. And how cute can workout wear be, amiright?
How Do I College: Finals Week
Finals don't get any easier, but tips help...I guess. Here's another How Do I College, hopefully everyone can bond in their misery. 

I Think I Look Nice Today: In Which I Try to Be Ruby Sparks
Another one of my all-time favorite outfits (and probably my most-worn dress to date). It still baffles me that there is not a single head-to-toe photo of Ruby on the internet. 
300 Slices of Bacon: When MADZ Has a Cookout
This was one of the best days of my whole summer. Nothing like good friends, good beer, and good grilling. I hope every hot day of June, July, and August can be this good. 
How to Have a Great Time Without Getting Your Teeth Knocked Out: My Concert Safety Guide
This was a long post coming, so I'm glad it finally hit around summer concert season. I always worry for first-timers, and this was my best advice at having a fun experience...minus any injuries. 

Four Days After Father's Day: Doc-isms
My dad's a goofy guy and his mannerisms are some of the best. I figured instead of a father's day post (or, god forbid, trying to find more pictures of him), I'd just do a brief explanation of all of his little quirks. Sometimes I'll treasure for, oh, forever probably.
Where Do I Go Now: How to Decide on Destinations
Maybe I'm just indecisive, but one of the most difficult questions I had when going abroad was: where do I go TO? While I can't choose for anyone (barely myself), here's a few things to consider. 
I Think I Look Nice Today: The Skirt I Have to Keep In Line on the Subway
This was one of the most ridiculous outfits to travel in, and I just had to talk about it. Plus, there's nothing quite like a hi-lo skirt. 

Well there's part one! Stay tuned for early next week for part two!!!
Do you have a favorite blog post of 2013? 

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